Don't let sunburn ruin your vacation

Published: 06th August 2010
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The sun can truly be a pain because sunburn can really irritate the skin. While you're out at the beach or simply enjoying the summer sun, you become prone to the diverse effects that sunburn produces. For instance, you will experience irritation. Also, if you continually scratch those irritations, they can become blisters and even infected by bacteria or viruses! Take the initiative and be aware of five sunburn remedies to treat the irritation.

1. Aloe Vera Gel
Found almost in every household, this sunburn remedy can easily relieve you from the irritation and even treat the burn itself. Just rub some gel evenly over the burned area and simply leave it. You will eventually experience a relaxing sensation.

Aloe Vera Gel can be bought in your nearest pharmacy or herb store. It is affordable and recommended for sunburns.

2. Water
Believe it or not, water can easily treat your sunburn. Just let running water flow on the infected area. Make sure that it isn't too cold water! It could be normal tap water, but it should be properly distilled because impurities can worsen the irritation.

Water can be mixed with other remedies to speed up the healing process. With the versatility of water as a sunburn remedy, you can easily relieve yourself the frustration.

3. Potato
Potato contains components that relieve sunburn. You just have to place your potato in the blender or processor to have it crushed. Once it is processed, mix it with water and apply it on your burned skin. It is ideal for sunburn located on your face or neck.

4. Vinegar
Although vinegar can be irritating to the skin, small amounts of it can actually soothe sunburn! Just make sure to dab around 50% of vinegar solution so you won't end up harming yourself. Vinegar is conveniently stored in your cupboard, so if you're in an emergency, then this will make a good choice to treat the irritation.

5. Essential Oils
Great for relaxation and skin treatment, essential oils such as Lavender, Chamomile, and Rose can help soothe your sunburn. You can pour a few drops of these oils in your bath and simply relax as your skin moistens. You will then feel a sensation of relief as these oils are effective sunburn remedies.

These remedies are readily available at home and accessible at stores. Having stocks available at home can really be efficient for emergencies, especially when sunburns become very irritating.

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