Make Your Air conditioner Work Again with Air Con Regas

Published: 15th October 2010
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For a whole lot of people, nothing is much worse than traveling in a hot car amidst the summer. However, what will happen when car's air conditioning is not working at all? You may not only feel miserable, you would wonder as to how this thing could be again fixed to work with perfection. There could be numerous reasons due to which air conditioning of vehicle will not work with perfection.

When the levels of refrigerants in your vehicle's air conditioning mechanism become low, it makes the unit incapable to generate cool air. There could be few reasons of this level being low, like breaking of the O ring or leakage in the compressor. There can be a leak in the evaporator or the condenser lines. The air conditioner in such situations usually shuts down to prevent compressor from getting damaged due to lack of the refrigerant.

The recharging of the refrigerant (also called air con regas) is usually undertaken only after the leak is detected and repaired. If you possess an old vehicle, then you may be required to perform air con regas as the refrigerant has become incapable to generate as much cool air as it earlier use to

The problem with the compressor is most common in the air conditioning systems of the vehicles. The compressor is central hub of all the cooling mechanism in your vehicle. In many cases the clutch of the compressor can not engage, which simply means that unit would not be able to perform any cooling. This is usually signified by some loud noises when air is turned on. This would simply mean that replacement needs to be done and no repair is possible.

Lack of any lubrication could also result in the failure of the compressor. Low oil or coolant could be the reason. Sometimes using wrong type of oil or failure to add any oil could lead to the failure of the compressor.

There are two kinds of compressor units for the air conditioners. The R-134a which needs POE oil and R-12 which makes use of mineral oil. If you someway add wrong oil in the unit, it will not work properly and would need to be replaced.

These are just some reasons for the failure of air conditioning unit. Never ever try to repair the unit yourself and always rely on a qualified technician. If you require just air con regas, then you can hit the road back in shortest time with a comfortable and cooler car!

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