Spiritual Retreats - A means to gain more peace in your life

Published: 09th July 2010
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In this case, "retreat" does not mean to run away. Although, at times, you may feel like it on your spiritual journey.

Taking a retreat means taking time out of your set schedule to learn, explore or connect in a way that moves you along your path. There are many reasons to take a retreat and many types of retreats.

Those of us who recognize that ours is a spiritual life often yearn for an escape from the tedium of day to day life. Sometimes we fail to recognize that this feeling of yearning for something is really our selves sending us a message.

As beings of energy we need to replenish. Each person's journey into spirituality is at a different place and so the type of retreat we need to replenish our good energy is different.

Do you need a retreat?

• Do you feel exhausted much of the time

• Is your zest for living diminished

• Do you feel stagnate or bored or frustrated

• Do you feel like there is something you need to do to move on

• Are you noticing more bad than good surrounding you

If you answered yes to any or all of the reasons you may need a retreat then you probably do. These are emotional messages from your self to your self and it is best to pay attention.

What if you are not feeling a loss of energy? Perhaps you have recently read of or been told about a retreat that interests you.

There are many ways to plan a retreat that energizes you on your spiritual journey. Some require travel, time and money and others do not. It is your journey and so it will be yours to decide what type of retreat best suits you.

Ideas for your personal retreat:

• Taking a weekend class. There are many spiritual growth events that take only a weekend to complete.

• Workshop retreats. These may be a weekend, week or even more and they tend to focus on a particular subject such as advanced meditation.

• Day retreats. If you live in a larger city or near one, many local spiritual based businesses offer one day learning in a variety of topics.

It is not necessary to go far away or spend a lot of money to enjoy the benefits of a spiritual retreat. For some, the time spent with others who are on a similar spiritual journey will be very important.

You may find that what you really need is just time alone with your self to reflect on your journey and where you are going. If this is more appealing to you then there are many ways to do this.

• Spend the day in nature. Planning to get away from all distractions and simply be in nature, observing the beauty of a natural place, can re-energize your spiritual batteries.

• Set aside a day to read a new book on spirituality. If there is an author you particularly enjoy, who helps you find new joy in life, take the time to read a new book. Make notes in your journal and plan to put into practice that day one new idea.

• Be quiet. In its own way, being quiet can be a very spiritual experience. In a world that is so filled with sounds, being quiet can allow your inner voice to be heard.

How you choose to take a retreat is as unique as your spiritual journey. Taking a retreat of your choosing can help you reconnect or discover something to further your personal spirituality.

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